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TRUSTAR Pharma Pack Equipment Co.,Ltd, 2006 from now.Photos which could from our made in china or alibaba .Pharmaceutical packaging machine include Semi and automatic capsule filling machine,blister packaging machine,blister packaging machine,cartoner,tablet film coating machine,bin blender etc and cosmetic machine include wet wipes packaging machine,facial mask semi and fully automatic line.
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Hot Products

  • Condom Packaging Machine

    Quick Details Type:Other Condition:New, Brand new Application:Chemical, Medical Packaging Type:Bags Packaging Material:Plastic Automatic...

  • Tube Filling Machinery

    Quick Details Type:Filling Machine Condition:New Application:Chemical, Commodity, Medical Packaging Type:TUBE Packaging Material:Metal, Plastic...

  • Coffee Capsule Making...

    Product Brief The coffee capsules produced by our machine can be ensured high quality,high sealing strength,good air tightness and smooth and...

  • Coffee Packing Machine

    Product Brief The machine is suitable for various granule, powder and liquid materials. Such as coffee, milk powder, milk powder, tea, tea,...

  • Coffee Capsule Fillin...

    Product Parameter Packing & Delivery Our Company Trustar Pharma & Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd Welcome to Trustar if you have interest in...

  • Coffee Capsule Sealin...

    Product Parameter 1.Automatically accomplish all production process.small volume, operate easily. 2.PLC control system and full display and...


  • Pharmaceutical Preparation Machinery

    We manufacture customized pharmaceutical preparation machines, including granulating models, drying series, milling and mixing,tablet press and capsule filler etc.Independent research and development of intelligent and automated pharmaceutical machines, but also pay attention to meet the requirements of the new GMP.

  • Pharmaceutical Packing Machinery

    These our pharmaceutical packing machines are mainly used for pharmaceutical package,including liquid, powder,granules and cream, as well as capsules,tablets and pills.Like blister packing machine, tube filler ,cartoning and labeling .Providing the necessary packing guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of medicine.

  • Food Packaging Machinery

    Devoting to supplying 3 and 4 side sealed automatic sachet forming, filling and sealing food packing machines.Suitable for different types of bags, like flat pouches,doypacks, stand-up bags with zipper or spout and irregular shaped ones.Your best choice for powder, paste,liquid and cream packing partner in the food industrial.

  • Cosmetic Packing Machine

    As we are a Specialized leading manufacturer of China cosmetic packing machine, like facial mask and wet tissue paper making and packing machine. Dealing with related cosmetic health care industrial machinery.Not only offer services for customized cosmetic packing machine but also provide assistance and consult in the cosmetic packing fields.


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  • 07


    Dryer Mining

    ​The building materials industry is one of the important basic industries in China. Building materials include building materials and products

  • 07


    Various Applications Of The Dryer

    The dryer can be divided into industrial and civilian. The industrial dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer.

  • 07


    Labeling Machine Working Mechanism

    ​The main working mechanism of the labeling machine consists of several parts: the feeding device, the taking device, the printing device, the glue applicator and the interlock device.

  • 07


    How The Labeling Machine Works

    The beginning of the work process is that the box is fed to the labelling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor.

  • 07


    What Is A Labeling Machine

    Labeller is a device that attaches a roll of self-adhesive paper label (paper or metal foil) to a PCB, product or specified package. Labeling machines are an integral part of modern packaging.

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    Dryer Forecast

    The dryer industry trend research report is mainly based on the basic information of the National Bureau of Statistics

  • 26


    How The Dryer Works

    The power is generated by electric power, diesel power, wind power, flammable materials

  • 26


    Domestic Development Status Of Tablet Press

    The tablet press has many specifications and a large number. The tablet press is the oldest pharmaceutical equipment in China, and it is also the earliest export and the largest output.

  • 26


    The History Of The Tablet Press

    ​The tablet press appeared earlier in Europe and the United States, with a history of nearly one hundred years.

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